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Main Functions of Multimeter in Repairing a Mobile Phone


When fixing a phone, a multimeter is often needed. It is generally used by technicians to test and check the readings of components and parts within the mobile phone. A multimeter comes in two types: the analog and the digital. As you can guest, digital multimeter isn’t only modern, but also easier to use. You simply see the digital format readings shown on the screen, while an analog requires certain knowledge and well….skills.

A multimeter has two probes or wires in black and red. The red probe is generally positive, while the black is generally negative. If you want to test a multimeter, the red probe should be inserted on the round hole (with VΩ image) while the black should be inserted in common (or written COM) slot. Other slots like 20A or 10A won’t be used in any repair work.

A multimeter has several settings, but when repairing a cell phone, only one of these settings is used:

  • DC volt setting. Yup, you guess it right; it is used to check the voltage of the device. This setting will check any output voltage from certain electric components, like charger, battery connector, charging connector, battery, and such thing alike. For this setting, you can see capital V, straight lines, and 3 dots under the lines.
  • Resistance setting. It mainly checks the resistance of certain components, like a phone’s mic. It also detects faults within the motherboard.
  • Continuity. Also known as diode setting, this kind of checking usually produces beeping sound, which ensures that a connection is working well. When no sound is produced, then there is something wrong with the connection. This setting can be used to check an open or closed track. It is also used to check whether the PCB is short or not.

You will have to make jumpers when dealing with broken track, which requires you to solder a wire from one part of the broken connection to the other end.

When checking a PCB, the wires will be attached to the battery connector on the negative and positive terminals, and then have the procedure reversed. When both ways produce beeping sound, then the board is short. If this method only produces one beeping sound, it means that the board isn’t short. Certain cell phones won’t produce any beeping sound at all, but when you use the multimeter, you should be able to see a certain reading, like 1 or 282. If you see the same result twice after the reversing procedure is done, then it means that the board is short. 

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😱😱😱😱 Can’t believe I was here!

😱😱😱😱 Can’t believe I was here!

How to Get the Best Prepaid Plan for iPhone Carrier


Trying to find the lowest priced iPhone provider is very difficult task, at the least whenever you are concerned with your financial. The unexpected flash news is that often T-Mobile is already offered and features a lot more inexpensive charge. Can T-mobile be your very best choice?

What you may pick up is an iPhone which charges around $130 with a monthly arrange $30 over two years. Very well, this really is a good deal, isn’t it? In case you would like to get the perfect deal, T-Mobile is probably the best quality recommend now we have so far. Comparing and contrasting with many other cellphones plans as well as further popular system distributors such as AT&T, Virgin Cell phone, Sprint or perhaps Straight Talk, T-Mobile might be the conqueror. Is it the truth? I am just not going to admit that T-mobile has many the good points in comparison with a few other mobile phone plans. To face it, it may be preferable to consider various other cellphones services number one before deciding on T-Mobile. Let’s discuss other cellular packages a little bit with observe whichever T-Mobile needs to be incorporated on your actual list.

T-Mobile Compared to AT&T, Virgin and also Straight Talk

Every time we looked at plans from a few other providers that include Virgin Mobile phone, AT&T, Straight Talk, Cricket not to mention Sprint, T-Mobile offers one of the most competing services. As I have said previously, it includes just about the most very competitive services but it really is not the most affordable prepaid plan for iPhone carrier. Let’s check out some other smart phone services and also find out the best way competing T-Mobile is as compared to another offers. While we as compared T-Mobile to other services, T-Mobile has a competitive strategy which will lets you to make savings approximately $350 in comparison with any other suppliers for example Verizon with AT&T.

That’s everything you can get once you decide on T-Mobile over AT&T not to mention Verizon. So what exactly should you have in case you go for additional providers like Straight Talk, Virgin Phone as well as Cricket?

When compared to these types of carriers, T-Mobile is obviously not the least expensive apple iPhone provider. They provide an inexpensive cell phone package, the only drawback is always that you have to pay for the whole rate in case putting your signature on the signed contract. It means that you could save extra money later. As compared to Sprint, you will be able to save to $120. I like to reveal different details when you purchase Straight Talk, this service provider gives more cheaper mobile offer nevertheless the most effective 4G LTE coverage is still not available. If it is not such a big issue, Straight Talk may be perfect on your behalf.

All in all, this can be all important information you have to know in relation to offers available from every supplier. Understand that all of the mobile deals pointed out here have the 4GB data files per month and up. All these phone plans don’t covering friends and family packages as well as shared files services. On top of that, we only covered new iPhone files for Virgin Mobile due to the fact the service doesn’t handle new iPhone five at the latest valuable time.

At present, it will likely be your own preference, whether you will go for T-Mobile and also save as much as $350 or maybe select other cellular packages who have more affordable possibilities. Take a good look at these types of alternatives and select the one which could be viewed as the least expensive new iPhone service dependent on your requirements.

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A good entertainment program: the walking dead

The Walking Dead tv show is a popular American drama. The drama isn’t according to truth. A well-known comic program produced the basic story of the drama, walking play. In this drama, a person who has an accident and awakens from coma condition to see the planet covered with the living dead zombies. The walking dead’s zombies today that look so horrible, and they eat the skin of the people. A hero not merely safeguards his loved ones, but in addition, the men and women about him.

The drama walking dead has countless seasons and every one of them are usually not effortlessly offered inside the markets. Many people are located and curious to watch the walking dead drama. Soon after its release it was made attainable for the cable systems for the consumers. Depending on the public demand and its party a 2nd interval of the interval was launched immediately after the initial one.


The main character of the drama noticed that his loved one is absent. Right after hearing them, the leading man himself sets out a journey to save his household and save the globe. The play gained lots of encouragement and popularity within a particularly quick time just after its launch. The play was award-winning good results for the entire team. The Internet provides you the access to every single and every video a person looks for. There are actually a lot of Internet websites to join and registration costs for delivering you the convenience to the expected TV drama. The hyperlinks are quite a few instances broken or gradual. 

It really is sincerely easy to use web for watching TV programs online. The video clip buffering web sites include many videos and Television shows that can be watched with no a hassle. When we watch the walking dead online free within the search selection, we get a huge selection of search hyperlinks. The drama is bad plus a horror story which includes a great deal of assault and bloodshed. People today even attempted to propose a new tale to the play the walking dead show.

The huge candidates of browsing options provided by the web are usually not necessarily accurate to variety. In 2010, AMC station got the honour to show it. The comic programs based horror show proved to become specifically various from what everyone expected it to become. The labels of the shows in the programs have been pretty much eye-catching.

Numerous associates of the group cautiously go to the down-town to get the food supplies and also other expected materials. Just after becoming saved in the prison of the zombies the hostages had been reunited in the camp. The drama is really a complete fiction, however, portrays quite an element of reality. It provides you the seeps to imagine the drama in reality. The zombies obtain to understand regarding the camp outside the city where various people were hiding. The drama indeed shows the cruel battle of people with the scary zombies that constitute massacre as well as an extent of assault on the show currently. He used to become the deputy sheriff prior to the zombies break out within this globe. We now possess the simplicity to watch the walking dead online without the need of any kind of a problem. 

Green Smoothie Recipe


Here is an example green smoothie recipe that I want to share with you. Mind you that the green color is actually very nice and refreshing, so you shouldn’t be put off by it. Here are the steps to prepare it:

  1. Slice a full banana
  2. Chop kale and have it stored in 2 cups
  3. Prepare orange juice and soya milk
  4. Prepare a tablespoon of hemp or flax seed, but it is optional
  5. You can also add ice cubes, if you like the cold refreshing feel
  6. Mix all the ingredients into the juicer or blender. Make sure that it turns into smooth pure.
  7. Drink it up! :)

If you want to try different juice (not only the orange juice), you can try pear juices, apple juices, grape juices, or other juices that you like.

Of course, there are still lots of other examples and options out there. Find the recipe you like, be creative with it….who knows? Maybe you can come up with new recipe variants.

How to Be Healthy in College: Simple Things You Can Do

College isn’t exactly the healthiest place on earth. With all the endless soda supply and midnight snacks, not only you will gain weight fast, all your healthy routine can go easily with the wind.  Of course there are always ways of how to be healthy in college, if you really want it. When you are healthy, you can still stay fit and energized even with all those paper assignments and stay-up-late schedules.


The first thing you can do to stay healthy is to have positive mind about yourself. You may be wondering the relation of staying healthy and positive mind, but researches have shown that when you have positive mindset, you tend to be happier. And when you are happier, you have better immune systems. Happy people produce this special hormone that improves their immune system. That’s why happy people not easily get sick or depressed. So, if you want to stay healthy in college, you need to be happy about yourself

The second thing you need to consider is your eating habit. Just because you have full freedom to do what you want – including eating whatever you want – it doesn’t mean that you should neglect healthy eating habit. Yes, the hallway may be filled with vending machines packed with sugary snacks and soda, but you can always pick your own food. When you have lunch or dinner, the cafeteria usually serves healthy dishes like fruits or salads. Make use of salad bar or fruits station. Not many students may come there, but that’s your destination if you want to stay healthy. If you have to stay up late, prepare yourself with healthy snacks. Have your own stash and you are good to go. 

Another tip to healthy life is consuming loads of water and healthy juices. Everyone knows that soda is bad for the health, and yet lots of people have difficult times saying good-bye to soda. The sweet and bubbly taste is the main attractive, making people reluctant to really give up their soda-drinking habit. If you want to stay healthy, however, water should be your new best friend. Not only it keeps you hydrated most of the time, it also helps transporting important nutrients and minerals to your systems. Moreover, it helps removing toxins from the body as well as making the kidneys’ job easier.

Don’t forget to exercise. No, you don’t need to have fancy or too complicated exercises. Simply walk around the campus, and you can enjoy the health benefits greatly. Walking is the easiest, simplest, and most popular types of workout. You don’t need to spend extra money for it. Be active and walk around the campus. Find out about the place of your study. Find out about your surroundings. You can get to know the campus well while staying fit most of the time. Don’t forget to always carry a bottle of water whenever you go, even to your class.

If you can do these things, it is guaranteed that you can have better health state and condition. Try it slowly and see how it affects your performance. 

There’s always a rainbow layer cake in every corner…

There’s always a rainbow layer cake in every corner…


Barely even remember…probably coffee lol